A dedicated mobile app to capture Strong Customer Authentication for PSD2

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8 October 2018 Response to UK Financial Conduct Authority consultation on Approach to PSD2 RTS.
6 March 2018 Response to public consultation on EU funds in the area of strategic infrastructure.
5 January 2018 The need to share PSD2 SCA proof with the PSU to meet GDPR requirements.
2 January 2018 GDPR Article 29 Working Group Market Consultation: Comments on Guidelines on Consent.
31 October 2017 Berlin Group NextGenPSD2 XS2A Market Consultation comments.
29 August 2017 PSD2 and GDPR alignment: A common model for consent and authorisation.
13 August 2017 EBICS applicabilty as a PSD2 CSC standard: Retail purchase scenarios.
8 July 2017 PSD2's use of eIDAS certificates for the identification of PSPs: A suggestion with respect to mobile apps.
20 June 2017 PSD2 SCA Options : Embedded vs Redirection vs Decoupled.
24 April 2017 PSD2 requirement for eIDAS certificates in the context of mobile devices.
30 January 2017 Comments on first draft of EBICS 3.0 specification.
30 January 2017 EBICS / eIDAS Gap Analysis.
04 January 2017 Android Feature Request: Retention of image used to successfully scan a barcode.
28 August 2016 Comments on EBA consultation paper on draft RTS for SCA and CSC under PSD2.
16 August 2016 Android Feature Request: Maintain data confidentiality during conversion of a PDF to bitmaps.
13 July 2016 Update on change requests submitted to EBICS Working Group.
05 July 2016 eIDAS Observatory: EBICS applicability.
05 July 2016 eIDAS Observatory: Android Feature Request.
14 May 2016 White Paper: Supporting a new communications API.
13 May 2016 Change requests submitted to EBICS Working Group.
31 March 2016 Questions submitted to EBA on PSD2.
23 October 2015 Android Feature Request: Support for X.509 certificate 'Key Usage'.