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EiC conference in Berlin: EUDI Wallets 11 May 2022
Today, Michael Adams of Quali-Sign and Stéphane Mouy of SGM Consulting took part in the european identity & cloud conference in Berlin. They presented on the topic of the eIDAS 2.0 Payment-Authorizing Wallet, and outlined why in their view it is a key building block to CBDC.
@ThePaypers Financial Crime and Fraud Report 2022 21 April 2022
Michael Adams of Quali-Sign and Stéphane Mouy of SGM Consulting contributed to @ThePaypers Financial Crime and Fraud Report 2022, published this week. Their jointly authored article explores the potential of Securing Digital Payments with Identity Wallets.
Feedback on eIDAS 2.0 Architecture and Reference Framework - Outline 15 April 2022
Michael Adams of Quali-Sign and Stéphane Mouy of SGM Consulting today jointly provided feedback on the European Digital Identity Architecture and Reference Framework – Outline. A copy of their feedback is available here.
EU Commission: Large-scale Wallet Pilots Call 06 April 2022
Today Michael Adams of Quali-Sign and Stéphane Mouy of SGM Consulting jointly pitched at the EU Commission "Large-scale Wallet Pilots Call Explained" Webinar (payments workstream). A direct link to their slides is available here.
OIX Workshop 29 March 2022
Today Michael Adams presented at the Open Identity Exchange (OIX) March Workshop on the topic of The Road to EIDAS 2.0 Payment Wallets. Here are links to Michael's slides, a version including speaker notes and the recording.
Bank of England CBDC Technology Forum - January 2022 09 February 2022
Today the Bank of England has published the minutes of the January 2022 meeting of the CBDC Technology Forum. A copy of Michael Adams' presentation on a hybrid Account-token model is available here.
TRUSTECH 2021: KYC Portability and the new European Digital Identity Wallet (EDIW) 30 November 2021
Today at TRUSTECH in Paris, Michael Adams of Quali-Sign joined Raphael Lemahieu of the EU Commission, Luca Boldrin of Infocert and Stéphane Mouy of SGM Consulting to present on the topic of KYC Portability and the new European Digital Identity Wallet (EDIW). A copy of Michael's presentation is available here.
JPSS Article: An integrated approach for electronic identification and central bank digital currencies 20 October 2021
In early 2021, Michael Adams of Quali-Sign co-authored a paper outlining a proposal for implementing Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) based on proposed open standards for a Digital Identity Wallet (DIW). This paper has been published in the AUTUMN/FALL 2021 edition of the Journal of Payment Strategy & Systems. A PDF copy of this paper is available here.
Publication of an EU report on digital identity 07 October 2021
Today the EU published a report titled Developing a digital identity solution for use by the financial sector based around eIDAS trust services. Quali-Sign was very happy to have provided assistance to the author on the topic of Open EDIWs (European Digital Identity Wallets). The report is available here.
Participation in the DCMS UK Digital Identity Trust Framework alpha testing 30 September 2021
Quali-Sign is delighted to have received confirmation from the UK Government's Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) of our participation in the alpha testing of the UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework.
Membership of the Bank of England's CBDC Technology Forum 29 September 2021
Today the Bank of England announced the membership of their CBDC Engaglement and Technology Forums. Michael Adams of Quali-Sign is a member of the Technology Forum.
Submission of evidence to the UK Parliament Covid-19 Vaccine Certification Committee 29 April 2021
In conjunction with four other interested parties, Quali-Sign responded to the committee's request for evidence. Our proposed approach for Covid-19 Certification for sports and entertainment events is based upon an Identity and Attributes Trust Framework, as being proposed by the UK Government.
Click here to view our submission
Our response to the ECB's Digital Euro Consultation 11 January 2021
Quali-Sign welcomes the prospect of a Digital Euro. Electronic identity and (embedded) SCA are fundamental elements to CBDC. In our opinion, the interoperability standards outlined in the Berlin Group 'Signed Payment Request' proposal would provide an excellent starting point.
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