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Supported Formats
ISO 20022 XML (CGI and SEPA compliant)
pain.001.001.03 : CustomerCreditTransferInitiationV03
pain.008.001.02 : CustomerDirectDebitInitiationV02
pain.002.001.03 : CustomerPaymentStatusReportV03
acmt.007.001.01 : AccountOpeningRequestV01
pain.009.001.01 : MandateInitiationRequestV01
ASN.1 - X.509 Certificate and X.509 Certificate Signing Request
ETSI EN 319 132 XML Advanced Electronic Signatures (XAdES)
ETSI EN 319 162-1 V1.1.1 Associated Signature Containers (ASiC)
All applicable Berlin Group XS2A JSON formats
Standard 18
PDF (Portable Document Format)
ISO 20022: Payments dashboard
Common Global Implementation (CGI)
Adding support for new formats
A 'Message Implementation Guide' (MIG) must be provided.
Any structured data syntax could be supported. E.g. XML; JSON; CSV.