A dedicated mobile app to capture Strong Customer Authentication for PSD2

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Berlin Group NextGenPSD2 APIs
A PSU initiates a single payment, a bulk payment, a periodic payment and a consent via NextGenPSD2 APIs. They then perform SCA via an ASPSP issued dedicated app.
Evaluation Requests
If you would like to evaluate the app, we can provide you with a 'customer' and one or more 'user' accounts on our test EBICS server.
Alternatively, if you have your own test EBICS server environment, we can configure the access details for your server, within the app.
Please contact us for more details.
The following flavours of the app are available:
Android: Available on Google Play.
iOS: Available in the App Store
Federated BankID - Sign a contract
A PSU signs a contract with a TPP using the SCA procedure of the ASPSP. The contract contains the PSU's consent for the TPP to access their account and also their consent to make a payment. Supporting slides are available here.
Decoupled SCA and App-to-app Redirection
Demonstration of the hand off between a TPP app and a bank issued SCA capture app for both Decoupled and App-to-app Redirection flavours on Android.
Multi-user approval via Decoupled SCA and App-to-app redirection
Demonstration of dual approval of a payment order via Decoupled SCA and App-to-app redirection on iOS.
Automated migration of SCA app and credentials to a user's new smartphone
When a user replaces their phone, they must migrate their bank issued SCA app. This process is automated by the app on the new device creating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR), representing the new credentials. This request enters the bank's Decoupled SCA procedure which the user then signs using their old device.